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Leslie's Week "Concert 4Stage4" – With The Band Perry – Announcement from Daniel Catullo on Vimeo.

My Story

A country girl straight out of Cleveland, Ohio! Music has always been inspiring to me. Ever since I was three years old I remember dreaming only in songs, every noise became a melody and every word became a lyric. Music is a way to escape reality, a way to make one feel safe and at home. Writing music is something that I have learned and am continuing to learn about every single day. It’s a career yes, but more importantly it’s a passion. If you’re passionate about something never let anyone tell you that your goals and dreams aren’t “realistic.”Life is too short to be realistic. Dream BIG and don’t stop until you’re where YOU want to be. Along the way we all meet people who make things possible, people who help guide you in the right direction of making your dreams a reality.  I have been fortunate enough to work with so many Cleveland legends, including one of my managers, Snake Rock, who has always believed in me. He introduced me to my second manager, Dan Catullo, and with the power and knowledge of my entire team these dreams are becoming reality and this journey continues. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.

My Story

I remember dreaming in music. I mean, long, beautiful musicals. And when I woke up, I would be surprised when people were speaking instead of singing! I have baskets filled with lyrics to songs that I began writing almost as soon as I could write. I was always involved in theatre. I took acting lessons and voice lessons and continued writing. My Grandfather bought me a guitar one Christmas and it was my gateway to melodies. At that point I was introduced to a producer in our area and he was kind enough to produce my first two songs. He introduced me to Snake Rock, who was to give me guitar lessons. However, we began a friendship and started collaborating on our music. We came up with some great Country/Pop/Rock songs! I continue to take voice lessons and I am still involved in theatre. Life is Good!!


I had the honor of performing “Our National Anthem,” at a middle school boys basketball game when I was 10 years old. I then began performing it at all our home games for middle school and high school. I live in a small town on the outskirts of Cleveland and was honored when asked by the local VFW to perform at their annual Christmas Party and Memorial Day Parade. I remember when my Grandfather walked me out on Progressive Field to perform “Our National Anthem.” I was so moved with pride when I took a final glance at my family and began. Quicken Loans Arena was beautiful and my whole family was there when I performed “America.” I was blessed to perform twice there.

More recently I have performed my original Country, Pop, and Rock songs at local venues in Ohio, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

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